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Moses one day old at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Usa River Tanzania Africa

"What in the world is that?" thought Moses as he walked closer to investigate a crumpled cloth on the ground. As he neared, he saw a tiny arm flail out ...


Kaden was one of our first babies at Cradle. (While we were caring for babies in the directors house. )Two of our volunteers, Sarah Spangler and Julie-Faith Handysides, went to ...

Stories of Hope: Tyson Family Story

Tyson was brought to Cradle when he was six months old. His chubby body was dressed in pink from head to toe but there was no mistaking that ...

Stories of Hope: Random Baby Story

Marie's mother died and her grandmother was left to care for her, but she really struggled to give this little girl what she needed at the baby's young age. Imara ...

Stories of Hope: Cory Story

Cory was first taken to Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital located on the slope of Mt. Meru. They tested him for HIV and found that he was positive for the antibodies, so ...

Stories of Hope: Nanny Story

Hello, my name is Hosiana Justine and I am a care giver at Cradle of Love Baby Home. Before I began working here three years ago, my family was suffering. My ...

An abandoned baby boy was left at Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Cradle of Love of contacted to take him into care. He was small and sickly, and although ...

Mariah at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Tanzania Africa

Maria came to Cradle when she was two weeks old. Her mother is living with HIV and was told by her doctor not to breastfeed her baby.( This advice goes ...

4 Babies of Cradle of Love Baby Home

In November 2008, four tiny babies were born out in a Masaai village, far away from medical help. Amazingly, this morning gave birth to all four infants normally, and they ...

13 May 2014

Hawa joined the ‘Crawlers’ late yesterday afternoon after being left all alone in her home while her mother went out drinking and making money as a prostitute. Luckily, a neighbor found her and brought this 8 month old to Cradle. This is sadly, the usual routine for young Hawa. Although this time her mother never returned. There are no other known family members and at this stage and the whereabouts of the mother is also unknown. She has a graze on her face from a fall but looks healthy, weighing a little over 7.5kgs.  

6 May 2014

We regret to inform you of the passing of baby Bahati in the early hours of Sunday morning, the 4th May. She was laid to rest Sunday afternoon by some extended family members. Bahati was just 6 weeks old. Her mother died giving birth to her in their village and did not make it to the hospital in time, dying of postpartum hemorrhage. Bahati was unwell and some tests were done to try to determine what the cause could be… We still await results. Until Jesus comes, precious girl xo

5 May 2014

  NEW Baby! John Frank just arrived at Cradle of Love. He was born on April 14th, 2014 and weighs 6.6lbs (3kg) Frank’s father and neighbor were waiting for me early yesterday morning to ask for assistance with this young boy. The mother had died, the father was unemployed and a neighbor was currently caring for him, temporarily. Harriet our social worker went with them to the village to pick the baby up, arriving back at COL last night around 7pm. He is settling in nicely, loves his milk and sucks really well. He will return home to his father  [ Read More ]

3 May 2014

  What an exciting day for Vivian and the Goods!!! Sybille and Sean have waited patiently for this day to finally come! Vivian adores her new adoptive parents and the Goods can’t stop smiling at their new daughter! Its so nice to see this new family together! We pray the adoption process goes smoothly.      

25 Apr 2014

Beautiful Meylan has lost his fight for life, late Tuesday night. He became a little jaundice and was unable to maintain his body temperature despite many measures to keep him warm. He also began to loose interest in feeding and started loosing weigh. We took him to the best hospital in Arusha, the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre where he spent the next 11 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He developed a necrotic bowel and started passing bloody stools. The doctors aren’t exactly sure what was wrong and suspected a bacterial infection. With limited equipment for diagnosis and treatment  [ Read More ]

10 Apr 2014

Here is a brief update on the running of Cradle… In January, the Landers returned from Australia after enjoying three months with family, friends and returning to work! We also spent many hours creating an Australian Charity called, ‘Hope4Life’ to help support Cradle of Love Baby Home and encourage support and sponsorship from our home country. Our amazing friend Jenny Windeyer is our co-director and is the face of the charity in Australia. A huge thank you to all those who have signed up to begin donating! It was wonderful working along side Davona Church, the founder and director (as  [ Read More ]

10 Apr 2014

Cradle of Love Baby Home is still going strong! We want to apologize to all our faithful followers about our disappearance for the last few months. The truth is we needed to upgrade our computer software and in doing so we cleared the automatic log in details to the website and lost our password. We then had major issues requiring Brendon’s expertise to reformat and get the website running smoothly once again. We have a lot of news to catch up on so please stay with us! …. Below is the wonderful view of Mt Meru we enjoy everyday, taken  [ Read More ]

8 Apr 2014

Today I got a phone call from sister Rose at Mt Meru Hospital saying “come quickly”, we have a baby who’s mother just died… “can you take him”. Upon arrival at the hospital, I met the baby’s father who accompanied his son and I back to Cradle of Love. The father named his son, Joseph. He is a healthy 3.5kgs. His mother died from severe pneumonia post delivery at the age of 32. Joseph joins our nursery, making a total of 10! We cannot fit anymore babies in the nursery at the moment as we needed to sell a few  [ Read More ]

4 Apr 2014

His mother abandoned him at the hospital. I picked him up yesterday afternoon from Mt. Meru hospital. He’s only a few days old and so small and precious. 5.3lbs (2.4kg). He has been named by Davona, after her brother Meylan. Welcome Baby Meylan!  

19 Mar 2014

NEW Baby! Bahati was born on March 15th, 2014. She weighs 7.9lbs (3.6kg). Bahati’s mother, sadly passed away after delivering her in their Masaai Village. She died on the way to hospital of postpartum hemorrhage. The father, lives although he is in a bad state with no job and more often than not he is drunk. We look forward to showing this little girl Love and Nurturing.