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Moses one day old at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Usa River Tanzania Africa

"What in the world is that?" thought Moses as he walked closer to investigate a crumpled cloth on the ground. As he neared, he saw a tiny arm flail out ...


Kaden was one of our first babies at Cradle. (While we were caring for babies in the directors house. )Two of our volunteers, Sarah Spangler and Julie-Faith Handysides, went to ...

Stories of Hope: Tyson Family Story

Tyson was brought to Cradle when he was six months old. His chubby body was dressed in pink from head to toe but there was no mistaking that ...

Stories of Hope: Random Baby Story

Marie's mother died and her grandmother was left to care for her, but she really struggled to give this little girl what she needed at the baby's young age. Imara ...

Stories of Hope: Cory Story

Cory was first taken to Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital located on the slope of Mt. Meru. They tested him for HIV and found that he was positive for the antibodies, so ...

Stories of Hope: Nanny Story

Hello, my name is Hosiana Justine and I am a care giver at Cradle of Love Baby Home. Before I began working here three years ago, my family was suffering. My ...

An abandoned baby boy was left at Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Cradle of Love of contacted to take him into care. He was small and sickly, and although ...

Mariah at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Tanzania Africa

Maria came to Cradle when she was two weeks old. Her mother is living with HIV and was told by her doctor not to breastfeed her baby.( This advice goes ...

4 Babies of Cradle of Love Baby Home

In November 2008, four tiny babies were born out in a Masaai village, far away from medical help. Amazingly, this morning gave birth to all four infants normally, and they ...

16 Feb 2015

This afternoon we dropped in to see Safinieli, one of Cradle’s ‘Crawlers’ caregivers who recently delivered a healthy baby boy. Named Nimrod, he weighed 3.2kgs and was delivered naturally late afternoon on January, 29th. He is absolutely perfect and we all enjoyed his cuddles. Safinieli also has an older, 7 year old son called Ali Nyambeta.

12 Feb 2015

Adoption is a beautiful thing, it is the birth of a loving family. Over the years I have seen many children become part of a new family. I love to see the hugs and kisses they share.In Tanzania there is a specific law that governs adoptions, this is called the “Law of the Child Act”. You can read the law here:,_2009_%28Act_No_sw.pdfOne of the requirements to adopt in Tanzania is that the parents are citizens of Tanzania or residents of Tanzania (live here and have a resident’s permit).

4 Feb 2015

Today, another of our ‘big’ boys went home!!! Raymond was a little sad to be leaving his buddy Amani… Raymond has been at Cradle of Love Baby Home for almost 2 1/2 years after his mother became mentally ill and was unable to care for him. His father is unknown. After months of preparation and assistance from a volunteer Kelsey Williams (pictured) and KATZ, Raymond and his grandmother will be receiving weekly food drops and a wonderful education for Ray! He is one lucky little boy! Thank you Kelsey and KATZ. Raymond’s grandmother has been visiting frequently for over the  [ Read More ]

2 Feb 2015

This is Joseph and Laurine from the nursery, modelling their new clothes! Pictured with Harriet, Cradle’s social worker

27 Jan 2015

Emanuel Amani turned 4 years old on Friday! Today we said goodbye. He finally got to go home… or close to home. Ema’s situation has been a difficult one so we are pleased Elias was able to take him to the orphanage he runs in the same village as his aunt lives. Pambazuka Children’s Home in Mto wa mbu Monduli. There are 16 other children in this home and Ema’s aunt lives so close she can visit him everyday. Ester (aunt) loves Ema but is unable to provide for him. She is a single mum with her own young child  [ Read More ]

20 Jan 2015

Joseph and Lauren in their matching suits. So precious!

15 Jan 2015

Today, we were all a little sad to see big Glory leave Cradle of Love Baby Home. She has been our little mother to the younger children. Such a sweet and helpful girl. She has outgrown the baby home and is moving on to pre-school! Help for the Massai, is a wonderful organisation who will not only care for her but also pay for her schooling. Cradle’s triplets are also there and doing so well. We know this is a great opportunity for Glory and look forward to seeing her develop further. Her father is so pleased with her care  [ Read More ]

14 Jan 2015

Today, after four months at Cradle of Love Baby Home, Dalton was able to return home to be with his 20 year old aunt. Previously, his young aunt did not have a job and was therefore unable to care for him. She has now found work in a salon and is even able to pay a nanny to care for Dalton during the day while she is at work. It’s wonderful to see how much his aunt loves him and despite, her own challenges, is willing to to do all she can to take care of her nephew.  

6 Jan 2015

Yesterday Costanzia’s half brother came to visit her. He is nine years old and loved meeting his sister for the first time. Due to the mother’s mental condition, he lives with his father and only has visits with her. We were glad to meet him and hope he come again!  

6 Jan 2015

Hawa and her mother popped in to say hi after 7 months since leaving Cradle of Love baby Home. It was lovely to see them both doing so well!



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