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Moses one day old at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Usa River Tanzania Africa

"What in the world is that?" thought Moses as he walked closer to investigate a crumpled cloth on the ground. As he neared, he saw a tiny arm flail out ...


Kaden was one of our first babies at Cradle. (While we were caring for babies in the directors house. )Two of our volunteers, Sarah Spangler and Julie-Faith Handysides, went to ...

Stories of Hope: Tyson Family Story

Tyson was brought to Cradle when he was six months old. His chubby body was dressed in pink from head to toe but there was no mistaking that ...

Stories of Hope: Random Baby Story

Marie's mother died and her grandmother was left to care for her, but she really struggled to give this little girl what she needed at the baby's young age. Imara ...

Stories of Hope: Cory Story

Cory was first taken to Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital located on the slope of Mt. Meru. They tested him for HIV and found that he was positive for the antibodies, so ...

Stories of Hope: Nanny Story

Hello, my name is Hosiana Justine and I am a care giver at Cradle of Love Baby Home. Before I began working here three years ago, my family was suffering. My ...

An abandoned baby boy was left at Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Cradle of Love of contacted to take him into care. He was small and sickly, and although ...

Mariah at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Tanzania Africa

Maria came to Cradle when she was two weeks old. Her mother is living with HIV and was told by her doctor not to breastfeed her baby.( This advice goes ...

4 Babies of Cradle of Love Baby Home

In November 2008, four tiny babies were born out in a Masaai village, far away from medical help. Amazingly, this morning gave birth to all four infants normally, and they ...

22 Nov 2014

This past Wednesday Daniella Rodrigues and I went to Arusha and purchased a lot supplies for Cradle of Love Baby Home! Many thanks to Daniella, her family, and her friends for putting love into action. She bought the replacement blender we needed so desperately as well as a backup, cases of Foma liquid washing soap, cases of Zap bleach, supplies to make 2 months worth of Organic Nut Milk, bags of Rice, bags of Corn meal, Shoes for the toddlers, many Diapers, Nylon diaper covers, Joshua porridge, and a case of Peanut butter.

22 Nov 2014

Here is the second Cradle of Love Baby Home Calendar! It has more of the current children that more recent volunteers know and love dearly.

22 Nov 2014

For 2015 we are having two Cradle of Love Baby Home Calendars! The first one includes mainly former children that past volunteers remember and love dearly.

22 Nov 2014

If you are on Facebook, please join our Cradle of Love Baby Home group for all the latest photos and news! NEW Cradle of Love wallpaper set! Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few years. I put them together in 3 designs of 1920×1080 sized wallpaper. If you like, save each file and set your favorite as your desktop wallpaper:

14 Nov 2014

Zawadi, had a very happy farewell from Cradle of Love today. Her aunty, Neema arrived at lunchtime from Moshi to pick her up. After some lunch, they spent a little time together before making the journey home. Zawadi was full of smiles and cheekiness and even gave a sweet little wave as she exited our gate. She posed happily for the camera and loved her new handbag and teddybear! Zawadi came to Cradle of Love as a newborn after her mother died. She is now 3 years and 4 months! What a beautiful girl she has grown into. We will  [ Read More ]

6 Nov 2014

  Late yesterday afternoon we said a happy/sad farewell to young Brian. Brian shed some tears too. It had been 3 weeks since Brian had seen his father (was away working) so he took a little while to warm up. We asked baba Brian to spend some time at Cradle with him and feed Brian his supper to give him time to feel more comfortable. Brian’s aunt was at home preparing food for his return. A kiss goodbye from Nanny welu xx All ready to go back to his new home with baba.

3 Nov 2014

Today is a happy day for Edgar and his Grandmother, Elizabeth as they are re-united. Edgar came to us at just 4 weeks old after his mother abandoned him. Edgar’s birth father lives with Elizabeth so its wonderful that he will be apart of Edgar’s life also. Although he is often away looking for work and bringing resources home for the family. Life is very difficult for this family as they are very poor. I personally went to the home (a mud hut) with our social worker, Harriet to make a Home assessment. Although Edgar will not attend school, he  [ Read More ]

3 Nov 2014

Special thanks to our nanny ‘Rhoda’ from the nursery,  who came today with some of the members of the Mshikamano Group. Mshikamano is a womens group that means “working together”. Their group of 30 women develop skills, support each other during hard times, and do outreach to the community. Today they generously gave Porridge, Oranges, Bananas, and Watermelons to the kids at Cradle of Love!  

31 Oct 2014

Little nine month old Ima is now home with Margret his grandmother who showed up looking for her grandson one day after he was abandoned by his mother! Family reunited is what Cradle of Love is all about. Thanks to all that supported Ima to make him the happy healthy boy he is today.    

30 Oct 2014

Justin is one of the fortunate orphans to find a loving adoptive family. This is his new mama Patricia and sister, Grace. Justin was abandoned after birth at Seliani Hospital and brought to Cradle. He is now a healthy 2 1/2 year old toddler with a great future. He loves his new family and has so much love to give despite his unfortunate beginning. Grace, has 2 of her own children with whom Justin will grow up. Justin was a little sad to leave the only home he knows here at Cradle but it won’t take him long to settle  [ Read More ]



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